...a photographer for people in love, based in Germany.


... I love sunsets, destination weddings and couples that love each other from the bottom of their heart.

As your wedding photographer I am not only capturing every moment, detail and part of your day but also be your friend and supporter. I will support you in any possible way to make your day even more special. This support already starts with planning your wedding.


... I am a world traveller.

I have spent one amazing year in beautiful Scotland, have travelled Thailand and fell in love with it's landscape, culture and lovely citizens and travelled a lot through Europe. Iceland, Costa Rica, more of South East Asia and Africa are now part of my travel list.


... I loooove cooking and dinner nights with friends.

Italien, Asian, Indian, Mexican... there's many tastes that I really like.


... I love dancing and personal improvements.

From gymnastics up to hip hop dance and breakdance I always worked hard on reaching new levels and goals.


... I love being happy and I'm laughing a lot.

I am simply enjoying life...


... and I would be happy enjoying some great moments with you.

"Getting married is a BIG milestone in life.

If not with photos how else would you capture

those moments for a lifetime and even longer?"


Also have a look at my most favorite stories that can be found on my blog:




Have a look at my blog >>




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